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Bringing Whiskey To A Christmas Party

If you've been invited to a holiday gathering this holiday season, we recommend you get unique with your host gift - bring a bottle of whiskey! Here are some of our favorite pairings:

1. Johnny Walker Red Label + Hot Cocoa

Bring a high quality cocoa mix and add in a little Johnny Walker Red Label before topping it off with some fresh whipped cream.

2. Redbreast Irish Whisky + Cheese

Buy a slice of smoked cheddar to bring along with a bottle of Redbreast for your host.

3. Jura + Coffee

A perfect and traditional after dinner pairing. See Whyte & Mackay’s master blender, Richard Paterson, talk about these great pairings here.

A gift for your host doesn't need to be complicated or over the top. Just get something they'll enjoy and use! Stop down to O'Really's to try out our large selection of whiskey - there is always something here to cure what ales you.

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24 oct. 2021

Great advice! Can’t wait for a O’Really’s Christmas Pub Crawl this year!

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